NPD: Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi 8 string bridge ( vs Lundgren , SD , EMG and BK)

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    Some weeks ago i bought again LOL, the same guitar model that i should not have sold it, a Schecter Banshee 8 string Left Handed. It main specs are:

    -alder body.
    - bolt on maple neck.
    - maple top.
    - 28 scale.

    In the first guitar i had, i tested the stock Seymour Duncan Nazgul and then Bareknckle Juggernaut and Lundgren M8.

    In the second one, it come with the stock EMG 808 and now i have a Tosin Abasi set so, i think i'm in a good position to compare then. Sorry but i'm not going to put any video, so i only have my words. I'm going to talk , mainly, about the bridge pick up. I'll try to do a little review and then, i´ll compare with the other pickups so i hope that it helps!

    Tosin Abasi 8 bridge position:

    The first thing it comes to mind is that it has got one of the highest output i´ve ever heard. It screams like hell. it´s a really sensitive pickup so i had to adjust the height a couple of times.

    the sound its really full and saturated, extremely clear and with some of the pleasant highs and mids of the market. The sound really modern, very polite but aggressive, thick and tight. One of its best characteristic is how orgainic the sound is, in the first and the second voice. Its fast and clear, but yet really musical.

    talking about versatility it isnt a versatile pickup at all in my opinion. It´s for fast, modern and technical metal so it's better not to have great expectations about mid gain tones.

    the differences between voice 1 and 2 is the voice 2 is more scooped with more lows but still very musical. the voice 3 is a really pleasant cristal clean sound, very hifi but not cold at all.

    if i have to sum up ( comparing with the other 8 strings pickups i have had) i´d say it has the highest output of all of them, the aggressiveness of the painkiller with the ultra clear sound of the lundgren, plus the mid quality of the juggernaut ( ever softer than juggs) and the full sound of an active pickup like the EMG808.

    a little thought about the other pickups:

    - TA vs Lundgren M8: M8 is a little more clear but really cold sound compared with TA.
    - TA vs 808: 808 is way dark and filth.
    - TA vs Nazgul: the Nazgug have unconcrolled highs and it hasnt that full polite and clear midrange of the TA.
    - TA vS Juggernaut: Juggernaut is fatter, mire low mid growling and it isnt as tight as TA in the 7th and 8th string. Is softer and les aggresive.
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    So, you would recommend the Tosins as first buy option?... I am looking for the best option to replace my Emg808s
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    I feel that the Tosin and Steph set are Fishman's best sounding pickups at the moment, followed by the Devin set which is however only available as 6 string. Can't go wrong with any of these.

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