Non-drummer looking for drum beats and fills to use in recordings.

Discussion in 'Drums & Percussion' started by jbnuk, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Seconded advice on focusing on velocities. Gotta be realistic with them: strong on 1 and 3 (5, 7) , a bit weaker on 2 and 4 (6, 8), and progressively weaker on off beats. Do it by hand for some natural variation. You can copy the beat and modify the velocities slightly, even just by grabbing and dragging around a bit in the same general area of velocity. You can also turn off the grid and slightly move hits around to humanise the timing a little.
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    Also, if yu've ever had the chance to get behind a drumkit, spending some time thinking about how hard a drummer realistically COULD play a series of beats, and about things like dominant vs non dominant hands, is kind of helpful too.

    Big +1 for turning off snap to grid while working on fills. I still program them on the grid, and work on velocities on the grid, but I've been experimenting with as a last step turning off snap to grid and manually humanizing fills, things like crash hits (they never hit all at the same time, if you're doing two), and then adding ghost note snare or hi-hat hits freehand, and it really does seem to help.
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