Noisegate issues when using AxeII with my 6505+ poweramp

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by shanike, Aug 24, 2012.

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    I'm having problems setting up fx II noisegate to work with my peavey 6505+ in our rehearsal room. my setup is: guitar (2 different, active pups in both) -> directly to axe, then ->fx return on 6505+ -> orange 4x12 cab. I setup the volume with the output level 1 on axe front panel (9 o'clock is sufficient for our rehearsals). on my distorted patch, noisegate is set to threshold at 12 o'clock, ratio 12 o'clock, attack and release to minimum.
    this way, the staccato play (fast, executed palm mutes) and breakdowns are ALMOST gated properly, but there is always a glitch of sound squeal that comes through. also, when I hit the powerchord and let ring out, the feedback kick in way too soon, IMHO. I use the 6160 simulation with relatively low gain (10 o'clock) and also TS808 boost, all reasonable levels, my input AD levels almost never reach the red LED, no output clipping. I've tried adding another noisegate right behind the boost, with the same setting, to no avail.
    Am I dialing the gates in a wrong way? any suggestions? should I go for higher threshhold settings?
    I was also thinking to lower the master / level settings for that specific patch, which should allow me to use the output level knob on the front panel more smoothly (use settings beyond 9o'clock), but I'm not sure if that would help at all.

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