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Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by malice, Nov 17, 2021.

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    I got a dose of GAS back in August. I'd never really given much consideration to owning a 7 string flying V before until I saw Crypta guitarist Tainá Bergamaschi playing a black V from a company called Solar. I'd never heard of them before so I browsed to their site out of curiosity. It turns out that not only do they do 7 and 8 string flying Vs but in a variety of colours too! Okay it's a limited selection of red, black and white but still it was news to me.

    The V2.7TBR caught my eye when I saw the reverse headstock and the blank neck (except for the logo at the 12th fret). The reasonable price tag ensured I was sold. No doubt due to various logistics issues the guitar didn't actually arrive to me until last week but it was definitely worth the wait. I took a few days to get used to it. Here are some notes that I made:

    - The finish is a bit uneven along the neck by the 12th fret (see pic below).
    - I have to adjust my stance a bit when playing standing up due to the input jack being at the back of the body as opposed to the side.

    - I realise it's totally subjective but in my opinion the guitar looks great. The V shape is already a head turner but the red colour scheme and reverse headstock really make it stand out. I also like the fact that there are no fret makers except for the logo at the 12th fret. These are the kind of features I would insist on if I was to design a custom guitar.
    - The neck is quite flat. It's not quite as flat as an Ibanez wizard but still nothing compared to a Gibson baseball bat.
    - Frets all feel fine.
    - The stock pickups offer a decent spread of tones. As a rough guide I have an Ibanez K7 and an Ibanez Xiphos for comparison. The Solar's pick ups are not quite as harsh as the K7 but they are definitely harsher than the Xiphos.
    - There is no neck dive. This was one thing that worried me but I'm glad to report the guitar is perfectly balanced when playing standing up.
    - Upper fret access is easy as might be expected from the V shape.
    - The factory setup was perfectly playable. I may need to adjust things when I get around to restringing it as it comes with .009s and I usually play .010s but it's fine for now.
    - As a rebuttal to the negative when playing standing up, the guitar is very comfortable when playing sitting down.

    Enough rambing, here are some pictures!

    2_IMG_20211105_111615.jpg 2_IMG_20211105_111805.jpg 2_IMG_20211105_111826.jpg 2_IMG_20211115_210720.jpg 2_IMG_20211117_205205.jpg
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    Sep 23, 2020
    Super sick V, don't usually dig red but that one looks great.
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    Weren't most Xiphos models equipped with D-Activators? They're really high output and have lots of highs, way more juice than in stock Solars.

    Looks like that thing is under the finish. Maybe a wood shaving that got taped with a masking tape for when they spray the neck? No idea.

    Happy NGD!
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    that looks awesome, congrats!
    really dig the shape and finish
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    Jun 21, 2021
    I can't really play V's, but I really like the look of em, and that includes this one.

    The red, stained wood finish, the bevels, clean fretboard, verse headstock, black hardware. I dig it all. Clicked on each pic twice.

    Happy ngd!
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    Dec 2, 2014
    ... perto de onde a terra acaba e o mar começa...
    I hope the guitar plays as good as it looks, great one. How's the gigbag that comes with it?

    The jack location kind of feels awkward, it would be better if placed in the upper "horn"...

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