NGD - Schecter C-7 SLS Elite

Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by JD27, Mar 24, 2018.

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    Jan 25, 2019
    Hello, the replacement just arrived to me but it's even worse than the other :(

    It doesn't have the old issue but it presents many others:

    1) holes in the fretboard (what do you think they are? woodworms???)
    2) chipped abalone dots
    3) 1 millimeter gap in the body at the bottom
    4) the binding (again) of the upper neck edge at 19 fret change from white to yellow.

    2 guitars on 2 have flaws.
    I already own an hellraiser extreme bsb
    I would like to know if you think it's schecter's fault, who dropped the overall quality of their guitars or if it's thomann Italy who's selling b-stocks for good.
    I also must say that the stick for quality control on the back of the body is missing on both samples.

    99% I think I'm definitively return it back and ask for total refund

    IMG_20190208_095141_resized_20190208_015623752.jpg IMG_20190208_095215_resized_20190208_015624806.jpg IMG_20190208_095257_resized_20190208_015624369.jpg IMG_20190208_095326_resized_20190208_015623966.jpg IMG_20190208_095352_resized_20190208_015624174.jpg IMG_20190208_095436_resized_20190208_015624577.jpg IMG_20190208_095457_resized_20190208_015623529.jpg

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