NGD: Red Bishop Magik-Arm, quality trem arm + holder replacement for different trems

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by nickgray, Jun 13, 2021.

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    Long story short, I never really gelled with the Edge Pro trem on my 1527, so I just mostly forgot about it. Recently I've been thinking of getting a 6 with a floating trem, and so I decided to tinker with the Edge Pro. Turns out, the arm was somehow twisted a little, so it didn't even fit right. I also re-discovered that the damn arm didn't have enough clearance from the volume pot, it had just barely enough height to be able to rotate it without pushing on it, but if you pushed even slightly - that's it, it would bump against the volume pot. The bushing system was stupid as well, there's no control for the arm's torque, I remember that it was always either too loose, or too tight.

    Since the thing was busted, I decided to hunt for a replacement. I read that Schaller's push-in arm (and the holder) can fit Edge, so I thought I'd give it a try, it's relatively inexpensive. But I couldn't find any that could be shipped to me, so I looked some more, and found the Red Bishop Magik-Arm. Twice the price of the Schaller's push-in arm, but this one is a direct fit, plus it'll fit the original Edge and the Lo-Pro (I'm planning on getting a 6 string RG at some point).

    I finally got the package today, installed the thing, and it's pretty good. Massive improvement over the original arm + holder design, that's for sure. I'm not too happy that it still has some play in it when the arm is relatively loose, but if you tighten it, at some point it stops having any play whatsoever. I've tightened it to where it stays in place, but you can move it easily out of the way fairly easily. Seems to work so far. I have to say, having 0 play in the arm improves the whole experience enormously, and being able to control the torque is also a huge convenience. Though the torque tightening nut is a bit hard to turn and doesn't turn smoothly, but it works, so I guess it's a nitpick.

    It's also a little bit higher than the original arm holder, so the volume pot doesn't get in the way.

    So, if anyone's looking for a replacement or an improved arm + holder for your floating trem, definitely give this one a shot. There are 3 models that fit tons of different trems, they'll fit Edge, Lo-Pro, Edge Pro, Edge Zero II, Floyd Rose (Original, 1000, Special), and more.

    The manual's in Engrish, so it's not exactly helpful. But it's easy to figure out how to install it anyway, it's just an arm holder.

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    That is cool and I like the engraving. Thanks for sharing, I didn't even know this existed. To death with trem wobble!
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    The Floyd Pop-in arm has no wobble, but it won't fit the Edges. This looks like a solid replacement.

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