NGD - Jackson Pro Series Juggernaut HT7 Oceanburst

Discussion in 'Extended Range Guitars' started by Demartan, Aug 19, 2017.

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    Nov 23, 2016
    (English is not my native language and I tend to ramble so apologies in advance)
    So after having a budget JS32-7 string for about 2 years to see if 7's/ERG's are something for me, I decided to look for an upgrade.

    I have loved the Jackson Juggernaut since its first announcement - from the proper 26.5" and coil splitting down to the aggressive horns and sleek finishes. What I didn't have, however, was the €3k+ to drop on it. So of course, I was both exited and hesitant when the Pro series Juggs were announced. Excited because this meant the guitar I have been drooling over since I got into 7 strings was now affordable for me. Hesitant because a lot of the 'key features' - branded hardware, no 20" but 16" fretboard and no BKP Juggs - seemed to be missing. One day a Oceanburst HT7 popped up at a local dealer and I bit the bullet and bought it.

    I have had the guitar for about a month now. The guitar feels very well made, especially for it's price range. Had no dents or blemishes on the neck or the body/finish. The Jackon-branded locking tuners work just fine, nothing to complain there. Same goes for the bridge, it's just plain comfortable to me. The 'handshake heel' as Misha calls it also feels so natural - in fact it feels hard for me to switch back to my other guitars that don't have this, haha.
    The only thing that feels somewhat cheap/wonky is the tone push/pull pot. Hard to nail down what makes it feel 'cheap'; I guess it doesn't feel rock solid or something? I'm not touching that nob anyway since I keep it down/bypassed, so it's no big deal for me personally.

    The one thing I was fairly certain I would replace are the pickups, but to be honest they grew on me over the past month. They are obviously no BKP's, but they really have their 'own' character - somewhat like Juggs, but they seem to have some more bass in the sound (I am no sound expert though so I probably have a rookie's opinion). Their own character shines through in all my patches on my POD, which I personally really like. And the single coil positions! Might be that I haven't owned a single-coil guitar in EVER, but OH MY the single-coil split cleans sound divine to me!

    Personally, I am a fan of matte and bright finishes, so at first I was kind of bummed that the matte finishes were only on the 6 strings. The online photos of the HT7 Oceanburst (as well as the charcoalburst) made it look 'normal' - nothing like all the other available crazy and striking finishes on the rest of the Juggernaut models. I would like to inform you however, the pictures don't do this thing justice and in person it's a really striking instrument.

    Bad photographer but I did my best to capture this beaut in all it's glory.

    All in all I'm a happy camper, have not been able to get my hands off this guitar since I got it!

    Just overall really excited and satisfied so just wanted to share this enthusiasm somewhere after lurking here for ages :)

    edit: oops, seem to have posted this in ERG instead of sevenstring subforum, first post and I already screw up :( my bad, sorry
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    Then goes on to put most native speakers to shame.
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    Good review, good guitar, good brand
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    Not usually a fan of the "jeans" kind of flame finishes but this one works for me.

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