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Discussion in 'Standard Guitars' started by OmegaSlayer, Nov 5, 2016.

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    Pic first, story later...


    I promise better pics will come.
    One ugly pic is the result of a first day NGD.

    An happy one, as this is a teen dream come true.
    But spec first.

    Ibanez FGM100
    Built in Fujigen factory in March 1991
    Mahogany body
    1 piece Maple neck
    Rosewood fingerboard with binding and sharktooth yellow inlays, 22 Jim Dunlop #6230 frets
    Black Hardware
    Edge tremolo (the original, not the Lo-Pro)
    DiMarzio Dual Sound on bridge position
    DiMarzio HS-3 in mid position
    IBZ/USA F1 (always a DiMarzio) on neck position

    When I was a kid that could barely play Knockin' On Heaven's Door's solo, there were a number of guitars that I craved to have.
    One was a JEM777 (which I got pretty early), an FGM100, a PGM100 and a JPM P1.
    You know, that kind of dreams that you think "when I got them all, my life is fullfilled"...of all those guitars, the only one I never played was the PGM.
    My 38 years old hands still remember the contact with the FGM and PGM I had more than 20 years ago.
    The FGM100 DY of my bass guitar player's brother was the first Ibanez I touched and I still remember I played "Future World" (Helloween) intro on it... hmm, I'd rather say I played something that in my mind should have vaguely resembled Future World.
    I was no guitar expert, but that guitar felt "magic".

    My search for those Holy Graal guitars kept going, but always out of the range of my pockets...until today, 'cause I scored this beauty.

    Back to Monday...I went to my usual music store to try the RGDIX 7 string.
    I had been to a music expo, wanted to try it, but the Italian importer had on showcase a guitar that didn't had the slightest setup, it was taken out of the box and put on a stand, literally, as admitted by the guys there.
    So I mentioned this episode to my friend of the music store and he told me "come visit me tomorrow at the store, I got one and you can try it"
    I didn't wait and Monday afternoon I was there, they hadn't taken out the guitar yet so I tried the 6 string version...nice but it felt like an Ikea table with strings, expecially after I saw an used FGM100 for € 599 thrown between the second hand guitars and labelled as an FGM300.
    But I recognized it was an FGM100 from the yellow sharktooth inlays.
    I took the guitar in hand to check if it wasn't a Frankenstein and it wasn't.
    The mark IBZ/USA F1 on the neck pick up was the second clue, the original Edge the third.
    I was in front of one of my Holy Grail for a modest price.

    Sure the guitar wasn't in perfect shape.
    Switch tip missing, knobs oxidized, worn out Edge and very exhausted frets, but I could afford that price.
    I opened a thread here to ask for advices and thanks to the good kind words of Peter Bogdanov and Vrollin (love you guys, thanks so much) I set my mind and decided to pick it up anyway and restore it to her glory as soon as I can.

    Today I went to the store without any gear asking if I could trade in a guitar to pick the FGM"300".
    I mentioned it was a JS100, a guitar that I always regretted having purchased.
    I purchased it for € 200 when I was very ignorant about Ibanez guitars quality, sure to have purchased the "real deal" and not getting that I picked a Korean guitar with a crap bridge, crap pick ups...I should have picked a JS1000 BTB for € 600, but everyone makes mistake (I'll get a proper JS sooner or later)
    I think my resent wasn't towards the guitar but towards me for having taken a stupid decision.
    Incredibly the JS100 was valued € 390, which I found quite unbelievable (even if it came with the original case).
    They seemed to be puzzled about me wanting to trade a Satriani for a Gambale, but I ran home, took a guitar I hadn't played in a year and got back to store to seal the deal.

    So...the FGM100.
    It came without a proper Ibanez case (which I'll definitely pick up).
    The bridge is in less worse condition than the one on my JEM (which I plan to change)'s just a bridge that had been played for 25 years intensely, nothing more nothing less.
    I'll post pics, maybe it can be restored...some of you guys might have precious advices for me, but I'll swap it as soon as I have enough money.

    I didn't noticed the knobs weren't in perfect shape, I tried to search the model, but couldn't find it...I want exactly the original ones to replace them.

    The frets, they are down to the minimum, but they're well levelled, so, while the guitar doesn't play at its best, it's very enjoyable anyway.

    Nitpicking aside...WOW!
    The guitar just roars, the neck is a dream, very comfortable, a perfect mix between the Ibanez D profile and little C shape, it has a finish but it doesn't slow down the hand in the slightest.
    Obviously the action is high with those frets, so some stuff like legato, sweeps, non elementary tapping requires extra efforts, and the intonation is not perfect but yeah...even in this is a joy to play it.

    The wood resonates like great timber does, even with hardware in not perfect condition it resonates on an on and on, and when you play it unplugged is low, crystal clean and you feel all the vibes on your torso.

    Strings spacing seemed odd, but I just noticed that the G string had been shamely set, it doesn't sit in the center of the saddle, but on top of it (I will take pics showing this)...and even the locking nuts are set wrongly, 90° wrong.

    Those old pick up are clean, articulate, groovy and they just scream.
    The sound of cleans is amazing, probably my better sounding guitar in clean.

    The shape of the body is so comfortable that it should be taught to any luthier in the world.

    I'm very happy, the more I play her, the merrier I get (and I needed some distraction in this moment of my life).
    Can't wait to restore it, and please share your advice.
    As I said, I want to bring it back to the original factory status.

    Thanks for reading :)
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  2. 77zark77

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Big congrats mate ! :yesway::yesway::yesway:

    I don't know if it's your first Ibanez S, but the recessed PU rings are a big plus, aesthetically speaking ! the ultimate top of the S serie !
  3. You

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    Jul 18, 2016
    The Universe
    I adore the color upon this particular guitar; It appears similar to an Ibanez RG550 Desert Yellow, likely due to fact that it came from the same era.

    Congratulations upon your purchase.
  4. Dawn of the Shred

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Parts Unknown
    Congrats man!
  5. MaxSwagger

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Adel, IA
  6. _MonSTeR_

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    Jan 5, 2011
    This thread is full of win. The FGM was one of my dream guitars back in the early 90s too!
  7. OmegaSlayer

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    Oct 18, 2013
    Roma, Italy
    Thanks to you all guys. :D

    I have an S570P, but it doesn't have recessed pick-up rings.
    I love everything recessed, I would recess even knobs if I had the chance to get a custom guitar :D
    This guitar seems made to be just like the lowest action guitar that can ever be conceived.

    I tried it another tiny bit unplugged before going to sleep.
    That body sings, it has incredible stop the note and the body still hums it for a good amount of time.
    I found that the guitar has a sweet spot for the B frequency.
    Most of all the B notes sounds delicious, but the one on the 12th fret of second string is...WOW...amazing.
    So full, round, mellow...I just kept playing that note for the sake of it :lol:

    That yellow is gorgeous, like every 80s colour and I don't care to look like a bee when playing it.
    I would even buy a neon pink guitar and don't give a damn, but I already had friends telling me that I look silly with that yellow guitar...I don't give a ratt's bumhole.
    I like the Pink Salmon version too (do not like the Blue one), it would have been my second choice though.

    I'm really in love with that guitar.
    My most played guitar is the RG2228 which I love for stability, ergonomics (I have sausage fingers, the extra scale helps me a lot after 17th fret)
    The RG2228 plays like a dream...but those 80s guitar have totally another mojo.
    Maybe it's the seasoned wood or...a better craft, but yeah, this, like my JEM are...magic.

    The only thing I found annoying is the binding on the fretboard, it's cool, but I'm generally not a fan of binding, would never get a custom made with binding, and the binding will make the refret more expensive :(
  8. Petar Bogdanov

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    Feb 16, 2006
    Congrats, man. If the frets are indeed level, you should be able to get the action as low as you could with tall frets. You will just feel the wood more. Considering that it comes from a music store, the truss rod is probably 100% loose, so I would tighten it until the neck has 0.3mm of relief. Ibanez guitars of that vintage also come with a shim under the locking nut, which you should remove to get lower action at the 1st fret. Only then I would think about lowering the bridge. Cheers.
  9. pondman

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    Jan 24, 2007
    Nice one, congrats.
  10. Dooky

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    Nov 21, 2007
    Congrats dude!
    My music teacher at school had a FGM100 in pink salmon. This was back in the 90s. I remember us all checking it out thinking it was the coolest guitar (which it is a seriously cool guitar IMO). He sold it to a student the year after I left the school - man I would've loved to have bought it.
  11. Millul

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    Feb 27, 2015
    Florence, Italy
    OS, I'll be in Roma next week: any good stores in the Nomentano/Africano/Villa Ada zone?

    Killer score!
  12. Jeesan

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    Apr 2, 2014
    Congrats OmegaSlayer, that's a beautiful guitar. :)

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