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Jul 18, 2016
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Just got this in the mail. Pretty decent condition for a 16-year-old guitar (06 serial number) - minor dings only. It's an RG3120F in Dark Amber! The neck feels like most other Prestiges I've played/owned. The bridge is slightly worn and I will probably buy a replacement Edge Pro online at some point - I did a similar thing for my RG1527 when I got it. It also came with the original hang tags and the clear pouch for the tools. The previous owner had switched the Dimarzio/IBZ pickups to an Air Norton and Tone Zone combination (which I am already familiar with from my RG2550Z). What was outstanding is that the previous owner included a piece of paper in the pouch that told me what the pickups are! The frets feel super smooth too - I wonder if the previous owner had the neck refretted with stainless steel. That, combined with the condition of the bridge, pickup swap, and overall condition, it seems like this guitar was well-loved. I bought it from a pawn shop's Reverb store - they rejected my offer, but messaged me when they could not sell it for the price they wanted (that's good service!).

No idea why Ibanez abandoned the offset dots for this guitar and went for the centered ones, but at least they're still abalone and I like that they are the smaller dots. I still preferred the offset dots. Another curious thing is the headstock finish - it's not black, it's rosewood! I have only had Ibanezes with black headstocks and I still have never had one with a matching headstock. I think the headstock on this one is pretty cool.


Time for a family picture. Left to right: RG120F (2008, doom amber), RG1570 (2008, candy apple red), RG3120 (1999, twilight blue), RG1527 (2007, royal blue), another RG3120 (1999, twilight blue), RG1570 (2002, royal blue), RG2550Z (2015, white pearl metallic), S5527 (2014, transparent black sunburst, and the bass is my SR505


I should never have listened to all of you. Maybe I should have realized "just buy a used Prestige" was singular did not mean "just buy a bunch of used Prestiges"...:lol:

ChrispyFinch Regular
Oct 5, 2012
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the rga121/321 had rosewood veneerd headstocks as well, same time frame. Didnt know they put it on yours as well. HNGD