NGD: Bought a JP95 -- What's the Test / Norm switch for?

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Jan 27, 2010
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Well, I bought a GCB95F recently, and that was an almost instant "no." I didn't care for how it sounded at all. I went on Reverb to look at what they have for JP95 offerings, and bought one for $115 shipped (+$10 in tax). The bottom plate is pretty fucked, no bottom feet, two screws for the plate, velcro in various spots (including some that make no sense, and got removed, as well as the stickiness), and a fucked up battery clip that was lengthened and covered in a bunch of tape, as well as a poorly sticking velcro to hold it in place.

Whatever to most of that; I just took off the battery clip (do not use it anyways), removed the bottom plate (I believe Dunlop sells generic ones, I'll probably buy one of those at some point), and reset it to John's suggested settings in the manual. I'm still messing with it a bit, but in general I like it. The sound is interesting and different from my EVH (which is the point of having two wahs), while the bright blue LEDs are nice for being able to tell if it is on or off.

I have one question though: What is the "test / norm" switch inside the pedal for? The manual says:

"Note: Internal TEST/NORM switch is for production testing only. Always leave it set to the NORM position for full functionality of all controls."

But it doesn't really state what exactly it does, or why they'd even add this if it is for "production testing." Shouldn't that have been sorted out during the prototyping stage or am I misunderstanding what it does? Perhaps it is to sort of "A / B" John's setting versus the controls? ie, if the controls are wildly different, but the sound doesn't change much versus John's setting, then the controls are possibly not working.

Anyways, $200 for basically a rack Crybaby in a pedal. The only thing, that I can tell anyways, that is missing, is the 6 way "range" knob.