New (wannanty replacement) guitar day!

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    So the guitar that this replaced was a Luna Gypsy series, and that's for the best. Thanks GC pro coverage. The Luna had a horribly back bowed neck, and the truss rod was completely loose. So the action issues were pretty much irreparable. I wanted a cheap beater guitar to bring to school, but I didn't know that you could get a quality acoustic for $200, but yesterday I learned that you actually can!

    Say hello to the Yahama FS800


    I was really surprised at the build quality of this guitar, the action is roughly 3-4mm at the 12th fret, the fretwork is almost perfect. Not like Music Man perfect, but all the edges are neatly filed, they're all level, and very well polished. It looks like someone actually payed attention when they were working on the frets. Its got a solid spruce top, laminated magohany back and sides, and an oiled "nato" neck. I'm also in love with the burst finish. This axe will be accompanying me to a 5 day Gypsy jazz guitar clinic in Mas called Django in June, should be a blast.
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    Congrats man

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