new to 8 string.

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    just bought an 8 string because i wanted to play neo seoul by After the Burial. I'm currently tuned to drop D (song is in drop Db) but i find this low D to be way too loose and muddy. i was recommended to buy a noise reducer. my 7 string buzzes like crazy while this 8 string cooperates well with my amp. wondering what everyones experience with ERG.
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    What you'll find is that there's a wide variety of personal preferences for how to deal with the 8th string. You'll probably need to try a few things to figure out what you like.

    I don't tune anywhere near that low, but I assume a lot of folks will recommend something like an .080 gauge string or higher. At this size, string brand matters. I like the d'Addario stuff because it seems brighter.

    I also prefer to set the neck almost completely straight and have very low action. This causes some fret "rattle" from the strings, but IMHO it gives the guitar a tighter, brighter inherent tone. But some people play my guitars and hate it.
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    I'm not a 8 string player but I drop my 27.5 6string to usually F# or G#.
    I consider myself a light picker,I usually select light gauge strings.
    String buzzing could caused by 2 situations:
    1.not enough tension
    2.too low string action
    You could check,input your guitar's specs and calculate tension of each string.For reference, you could take a screenshot of the regular 8 string F# standard tuning tension on a regular 8 string set.If you want to Drop D,you could find which gauge feels identical of your stock gauge.
    Also,check your string action.I think there's a manual of the guitar,if there's not you could check some YouTube guitar adjustment tips.
    You mentioned your guitar has muddy sound when tuning to D.Again,this could caused by 2 situations:
    1.too low tension
    2.too thick string
    Actually,the light gauge strings have a advantage of sounding.They sounds clearer and tighter than thick strings,as it could maintain the pitch.But if the string is too thin than it will not be able to maintain it's pitch,the sound will get stranger and not so good.
    Again,I may not recommend .80 for F# standard tuning,but it varies a lot on your guitar,which could be affected by scale length,pickups,tuning,or even woods.Try to find a best set for you using stringtensionpro and try out as more sets as you could,I think you could find the sweet point for you.
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    What’s the scale length of the 8 string? What string gauges?

    And are you talking “Double” Drop D? Like octave below regular drop D? If so you’re going to want to beef up your string gauges big time even if you have a long scale length

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