New Project "Girls Night" Lyric Video & Mix (Axe Fx II, Pod X3, Kontakt 5, GGD)


Artist/Producer: IDOLER
Jun 17, 2008
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Alameda, Ca
Hey guys, started a Non-IDOLER (but still IDOLER produced) project called "Girls Night." Not sure if this is considered a "djent" project, haha, but I did use my Agile 8 with BKP Aftermath in the bridge for guitars, went for a really gritty/dirty guitar sound, but still wanted it to sound tight when playing lower heavily strummed chords. :shred:Used the Spector Euro 5LX bass through the POD X3 for bass. Just released this single on the 8th called "F.T.S.D.," and my buddy Chris Krska, aka kerska on here, did this AWESOME lyric video for the release. I really think he killed it, and am very appreciative of his hard work. @kerska - Thank you dude! haha! And if anyone needs any logos designed, or something similar to the content that's in this post, I know he's looking to build up his portfolio! Hit him up!

Anyway, hope you guys dig it! I haven't had any teenage Angst in me to scream about for a while now, so I decided to write this track for my son. :cond:So, please excuse the lame Dad lyrics! Lol

Girls Night F.T.S.D. (Official Lyric Video) :banana:

...and please forgive youtube for what it does to audio! hahaha
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