New Pedals! VFE, DarkGlass B7K (With Sound)

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by KhzDonut, May 26, 2013.

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    So, hanging out at a guitar show in Seattle and found the VFE booth, and ended up impulse buying a VFE Killer Rabbit (combo of their "The Scream" and "Alpha Dog" pedals in a single unit)

    The pedal was sitting there with its guts hanging out, and when I realized what it was, I asked Peter if he would finish it before the show ended so I could take it home. He soldered half the pedal right in front of me so I didn't have to wait to get one! How cool is that?

    VFE Pedals


    This thing sounds pretty awesome. I mostly wanted it for a TS808 style clean boost (as so many tend to do these days) and I've always wanted a Rat style pedal just for fun, and their Alpha Dog is like a Rat that got grafted onto a Fuzz pedal and then given plutonium injections until it grew weird tumors that leak awesomeness.

    Anyway... I usually run my POD HD into Recabinet, and for a lark I set the pedal with The Scream pushing The Alpha Dog as if it were an amp, and ran it into Recabinet without any amp sims at all. Not super ideal for Teh DjentZ, but it honestly sounds absolutely amazing for Stoner Rock and Sludge. (It can really nail that Matt Pike, High On Fire sound, or any number of Queens Of The Stoneage type tones)

    Oh, I also ran into Spencer Doren from 3Leaf Audio (he makes the USA models of the Darkglass pedals) at the same guitar show in Seattle, right in front of the VFE Booth. After talking to him, also impulse-bought a B7K. My wallet never knew what hit it.


    Here's a sort of slightly Djenty/Stonery tune I wrote for testing purposes, comparing my standard POD HD settings to the pedals (and in the case of the Darkglass, the B7K and my TC Electronic RH450), just to see how they all handled a Low G tuning. I'm not thrilled with the lead tone I got with the Killer Rabbit in this video, because I didn't change the settings at all from the Rhythm tone. I'll need some time to tweak and get used to how it reacts for leads before I really judge it.

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    Pretty cool groove here. I don't know why no one has posted even though you have so many views... seems to be the norm these days(unless of course you have a perfect tone or you are "famous"). You made that pod hd sound pretty damn good, especially for such a low tuning! Tubescreamers work wonders for tones, I unfortunately only discovered this recently.

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