New Nexus song - mixed by me, mastered by Acle from Tesseract!

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    Hey hey!

    After playing Euroblast 8, I've finished the new song I've been working on on the last months and now it's up on got-djent. I think we are finally getting closer to define our sound in the writing department and production wise I think it's the best sounding song we have, it always can be better you know, but I'm really happy with it.

    Since a couple of years, I’ve always done everything myself in the recording/production department myself, always learning how to make it sound better, forever working on songwritting and arrangements etc. etc…

    But you always end up getting to a wall you can’t cross and when you do, for whatever reason it is, it takes ages to cross that wall.

    The last song I’ve done has taken me a lot of time to finish it and it’s not the most intricate, technical, over the curve song I’ve done so is one of those that you think you are going to finish quickly.

    I was wrong.

    I forgot how emotional and personal this song was to me and I almost couldn’t finish it, and when I finally did I was burned out. So since mastering isn’t my strongest point, I sent the song to Acle from Tesseract to handle the mastering and get rid of that part of the process.

    Oh boy, what a relief!

    Not only it sounds so much better but now I feel that the mix don’t sound that bad. So yeah, I’m very happy with it and for the first time I think I don’t want to change anything about the song, production and songwriting wise.

    I guess it’s not a bad habit to have some things about your music done by others from time to time, you can learn things and get perspective about it.

    So, here it is!

    Exclusive: new Nexus song 'From Sacrifice to Resurrection' |

    Edit: I wrote a little longer about why I choose to get the song mastered by someone else

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