Nembrini Audio MRH810 - JCM800 amp sim - My metal review

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by alessandroarzilli, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Hey everybody, I’ve just had the chance to make a quick tone test of the new Nembrini MRH810 plug-in. Has anybody tried it? I did some quick tone and sound tests playing clean-like, crunch, heavy and lead stuff. I think for the moment it’s quite a bargain, since they’re selling it for just 29.00 $ (there’s a special offer ‘till the end of June), otherwise it’ll cost 137.00 $, just like it happened with their BST100 Soldano SLO100 amp sim.

    The user interface is obviously very similar to the famous Marshall JCM800 head. The amp itself has two channels, clean and lead. The CLEAN channel is perfect for crunchy arpeggios and mellow parts, while the LEAD channel replicates the glorious british rock/metal guitar tone. Each channel has its own three band equaliser, and in the MASTER section of the head you find the knobs for presence, master volume and reverb.

    This plug-in includes also a complete recording chain emulation, with five fine tuned guitar amplifier cabinets (1960B 4x12 with G12T-75, 1960B 4x12 with G12M-25, MesaBoogie Rectifier 4x12 with V30s, Bogner-like 2x12 with V30s and a fender-like 4x10 with P10Q speakers).
    You can blend two different microphones (Dynamic 57, Ribbon 121, Condenser 414, Dynamic 421) by changing their virtual position from the cone and by mixing each microphone level with even a room one. Noise gate included, very useful when cranking the gain. There’s also a very good selected set of Impulse Response files, created by Choptones , but you can load your own ones, too.

    So, 29$ offer for all June, then 137$...maybe too much? I don’t know, as for the BST100 amp sim, I believe that having some virtual pedals in front of the head would have been a good point for that price. Also, sometimes the high gain playing sounded a bit glitchy too, I was experiencing clipping even though my gain levels were green at every step of the chain.

    If anybody is interested, I also made a video review of it that you can find here:

    I’m not sponsored by Nembrini audio, I’m just a metalhead who likes making gear reviews and videos. Thanks for having read this post.

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