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    Dec 5, 2019
    Hi everyone !

    I would like to put some new pickup on my guitar, but since it’s the first time I’ll do it by myself, I have some problems with how to wire everything together.

    So, here is a small diagram explaining how I want to setup the pickups, so, has someone a wiring diagram for me?

    Also, I’m not an english native speaker, so if I’m not clear enough, please just ask me :)


    As you can see I want to have two volume knob, and no tone. Each volume have a push/pull for the second voice of its own pickup. I want to keep my three way switch
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    Jan 21, 2017
    The Netherlands,neck-h,bridge-h,2-volume,0-tone,3-way-blade
    This should be a good start. You will still need to :
    -Compare the color code of Duncan pickups with Fishmans to make the conversion
    -The 3-way blade switch wiring can be confusing as is shows 2 sets of 4 pins and not 8 pins in a row like you see on a lot of switches. This should clear it up.

    For the coil-split part, you can look at this diagram for reference :,neck-h,bridge-h,1-volume,1-tone,3-way-blade
    Look at how the red and white wires are connected and disregard the rest. Of course you'll put the wires of the Neck and Bridge PUs to the desired pots and not on the same one.

    I think with all that you can draw your own schematic.

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