Need help deciding on a sound for mix..

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by vejichan, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Need help deciding on which IR/amp combo is best for a mix. Can you tell me your top 2 from this batch. Same crappy jam session and please excuse my horrible playing. Using different ML SOUND LAB IRS and Different amp sims. Any one of these 6 sound will work in a mix i am working on. Please help me decide which is the your top 2. Warning, i suck at playing guitar so keep your expectations extremely low. Thank you for your help and participation.
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    My suggestion would be to run your DI track through the Ninja, Amplex, and X50 separately, bounce those to new clips, route those clips to a bus, and blend the tones to your liking via the bus.

    I personally blend 6 different amp/cab combos for each of my guitar tracks for the stuff I'm working on now. I use a combination of the following:

    - Ignite Amps Emissary into Ignite Amps NadIR blending Ola Englund's Hesu 2x12 Cabinet IR and the IR from Meshuggah's Nothing re-recording (this is the only one where I blend IR's, so the impulse response loader you use for the other ones doesn't matter). I blend the IR's 50/50, but you can blend them to taste. These IR's are both pretty dark, and add a lot of heft to your blended tone, but don't cut through a full mix very well.
    - Ignite Amps Emissary with MLSoundLabs' Best IR In The World
    - Nalex Ninja with Nalex's Djent Cab 3 IR
    - Nalex Amplex with Nalex's Djent Cab 3 IR
    - Nalex Amplex with Nalex's Brutal Cab 7 IR
    - TSE X50 with MLSoundLabs' Best IR In The World

    Best IR In The World isn't the best sounding IR out there, in my opinion, but it absolutely guarantees you'll cut through the mix. That's why it works so well to blend it in with other tones.

    I also make a point to use another instance of my IR loader between my amp sim and the IR loader with the cabinet IRs, and use it to run one of Nalex's impedence curves, and I use it on every single guitar track. The 5150_1 curve is my preferred one, but they're all good.

    But honestly, the ultimate key to using freeware amp sims and free IRs is just blending tones. No one free VST can replace a Helix or Axe FX, but you can at least get some killer tones by blending multiple amp sims and cabinet IRs.

    Obviously, all your clips are gone, so I can't hear what you did with those amp sims, so just going off my experiences with each of them.

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