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Jul 27, 2013
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I have been wanting too add another 4 string Bass to my collection for a good while.

Wanted something with humbuckers so I ended up with this LTD Surveyor-4 (NOS) which is a good midrange Bass from ESP.

Simple black color but I really like how the neck binding and block inlays work for the overall look of this Bass.

Really Thin U neck shape with 38mm nut, feels really great to play.

Sounds great both unpluged and through the amp. The EQ controls are helpful for dialing in your sound.

Story of the Motörhead inspired music track:

What triggered me to finally make the move on this Bass spawn from an idea I had when I was listening to a lot of Motörhead albums lately. I decided to make my own Motörhead inspired music track. I sad down and wrote a short track and then ordered this Bass to be used for the recording. When i got the Bass it turned out to be a good choice. Feels good when playing cords and I was able to dial in the Bass tone with the EQ controls before moving on to the amp settings. Bass arrived alomst perfectly in E-tunning and I liked the sound so I keept this tunning for the music track. Guitar sound is The Ultimate Nullifier on the sides and Deliverance as center guitar. Dunlop Cry baby Custom Badass with a "ccoked in" position was used for solo.

I wanted to stay as close to the real Lemmy sound as possible within the realm of my setup. Since I don't have a true Marshall head I used my Synergy Deliverance module going into the Randall Ultimate Nullifier poweramp. The exspanded controls from the Deliverance module allowed me to fine tune the EQ. Not sure exactly how it compares to Lemmy's Bass sound but the result can be heard in the video below non the less:




Bass Family:


Synergy Deliverance Module settings(Channel 1) for Bass sound in video:



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Dec 13, 2018
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Very cool, congrats! I’ve got a 2009 Surveyor 414 and love it. The EMG pickup/EQ setup is very good and very versatile. I get a lot of compliments on the sound of it when I use it at gigs. Enjoy!