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Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by keithhagel, Nov 9, 2014.

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    So I'm more of a lurker on these forums than a poster, but since this is the first new instrument I've gotten in approximately 4 years, I wanted to finally do a post.

    I remember wanting one of these Jackson C20's when they first came out. I'm a big fan of John Campbell from Lamb of God, and I just love the shape of these things. A little while back I saw a guy on Craigslist was selling this beauty for $100. I was in the process of moving and didn't want to add anything to my arsenal, so I figured I'd lose out. Fast forward 2 weeks and he was still attempting to sell it. I contacted him and just out of curiosity, offered him $85. He immediately replied "sold", and I've got a new baby.

    My main bass is a Fender Highway One P Bass, but I generally leave that one at the practice pad for my band's bassist since all of his are non functional. The Fender definitely sounds better, but woof. This thing amazingly enough gives it a run for it's money, and the compound radius fretboard is just incredible. It's thin like a Jazz Bass neck, but it's just wide enough to be comfortable up high. Also, for someone used to Fender heels, the way the neck is attached is fantastic.

    Now, a question for anyone who wants to weigh in. I've been more of a guitar player the past few years, but I used to be a bassist in a local gigging band. Before this, I was planning on putting a Quarter Pound P pickup in my P-Bass. I'm on a kick where for the most part I'd like to upgrade my current instruments as they all feel great, just could use some TLC. I was thinking of putting a Quarter Pound P and J pickup in this one as well, however since Campbell uses EMG's, I'm also considering maybe putting a set of the EMG P-J X's in it as well. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of those? Opinions? Concerns? Want to call me crazy for putting a $180 set of pickups into an $85 bass? I'm happy to hear it.

    Either way, thanks for looking. I'm really enjoying this thing, and it's nice to finally have a bass to record bass tracks rather than using a pitch shifter on a guitar track. :fever:

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