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    Oct 22, 2006
    Well, picked up my first bass today (SR505E, Made in Indonesia)



    The good:

    - Fit and finish, it plays and feels amazing. Raw wood on the neck is smoother than any of my guitars
    - Action is set at Fender spec (2.4mm bass, 2mm treble) and there's no buzzing or issues
    - Pickups and EQ system are insane to me coming from the guitar world
    - Switch for active/passive. If the battery dies, I can just bypass the active components and still play
    - Side-to-side adjustment for saddles allows compensation for neck (see "the bad")

    The bad:

    - Neck seems slightly misaligned (When middle string saddle is set to the center, the string doesn't cut the inlay in half). More on this, it seems like a lot of the 5 strings (even the Fender Geddy Lee MIM bass) had this issue. Other than aesthetics, this doesn't seem to cause any issues with playability.
    - Only 1 slightly rough fret end, no worse than my Fender Player Strat

    After playing guitar for about 14 years, I decided it was time to S L A P P. Haven't been able to put this thing down all night!
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