NBD: Ibanez Fanned Fret 5 String (SRMS805)

Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by jmeezle, Jan 21, 2020.

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    I just got this in on Saturday and have only played it a total of 20 minutes so far but this is the first fanned fret instrument I've ever owned and I can see the appeal. I've always been a fan of Bartolini pickups, and with a million different tone options on this thing the pickups and preamp definitely deliver. I'm usually not a fan of burl tops but this one seems more classy/not as obnoxious as some I've seen and the walnut top+mahogany body definitely produces a darker tone overall. The neck is an unfinished jatoba + walnut and plays very fast. I've always loved Ibanez BTB and SR basses and this one doesn't disappoint :yesway:

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    ive never seen that color before. looks cool
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