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    Hey guys, what's up?
    It's been a long time since I posted here and alot of stuff happened.
    I quit my first course of studies (Cybernetics) to study Audio Engineering a few years ago. I've always been a musician (started playing the piano at age 4-5, later I started playing keyboards and synth and when I got my first guitar at age 17 I started recording and mixing music. Got my degree (yaaaay) and then I got my first job. One of the biggest studios of Switzerland But things didn't go well for me for personal reasons and so I left the studio (which went insolvent after I had left so I wont say the name :ugh:) to start my own :wavey:

    So here it is, Stargazer Studio!
    Home - Marv Studios

    I was looking for a name for months and in the end I just took the name of my first song ever :lol:
    Right now I operate out of my own project studio (finding a room is super hard). A lot of upgrades incoming :)

    Stuff I've mixed so far:

    The latest project I'm working on is Burning Shrine by Soloartist Erich Zisterer from Austria (work in progress!):


    Dreimillionen (German rockband):

    Soon: "The wild 13" by German post-hardcore band Madame Pathetic.

    And there are a lot more mixes on my soundcloud :)

    So if you have a project you're working on and need help with mixing and mastering, write me! Also: Free Testmix! :yesway:

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