My LTD SC-20 (and it's legendary story :) )

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    Hey all,

    I've had this ESP LTD SC-20 for a year or so now and it's still one of my favorite guitars. It's kind of unique because of some of the features, the looks and a cool story that I talk about in my demo video. There is something about this guitar that I really love. The JB really helps to bring out the chunky but very clear sound of the guitar. The notes really 'jump' out of it when you play it because of that.

    I talk about the features and stuff in this video but I also created some riffs, clean parts and lead parts to show what this guitar can do. The unique story about this guitar (basically that Stephen Carpenter played this guitar) is very exciting and cool to me because I'm a Deftones fan. If you're not a fan of him maybe you wouldn't find it THAT exciting though haha.

    Also, love the new baby blue finish! I think I prefer the green one but the baby blue one looks classy! Who else has one and how do you like it?

    Here's the video demo / review:

    I used Helix Native for all the tones and Steven Slate Terry Date drums for all the drums and I really like how the tones turned out here.
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