My First EP, Instrumental Rock with soundtrack score vibes

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    Hey everyone,

    I can’t believe this is finally out, after four years of rewriting, re-recording guitars, second guessing myself, thinking that the melodies were not strong enough or that the whole idea was crazy, finally I’ve just decided it’s better to have something out that I believe in that captures a moment in time and move on.

    It’s a fairly slow burn, my favourite tracks are 2 and 4 (mainly the bridges and end choruses), BUT I would love to hear your thoughts!


    It all started four years ago, between students and teaching I would write melodies and themes in Sibelius. Each day I would chip away at this project, writing just a few bars at a time.

    All the while thinking, is this really a thing, a mixture between rock and sound track scores, should I keep working on it, or should I give up.

    Over the years I would record guitars layers, add string sections and mainly just second guess myself about whether or not I should even finish the project. Months would go by where I wouldn’t want to work on it purely because some sections became so huge and terrifying to work through.

    After a two years all the scratch guitar work was done and I began over the next two years to record final guitar layers…..only to find that since I went through so many different guitars at the time the album sounded all over the place because it was constantly jumping from different guitars.

    In the final year I re-recorded all the guitar work with one guitar deleted two tracks I didn’t feel were strong enough and started the long process of having the album of mixed and mastered.

    But now it is finally done, although I’ll always want to add more, take away more, re-record more, at the end of the day I just had to close the session and get the EP out there, it’s been such a long journey of not thinking the EP was good enough, but finally it’s out and I couldn’t be happier.

    I’d love to know what you think,

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