My Douglas/Carlo Robelli hybrid guitar

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    So a while back I picked up this Douglas D-200 from Rondo, which I love, but was never a fan of the headstock. It did have a nice straight string path, which helped the trem work nicely, but the shape wasnt to my liking, even though I am a fan of pointy headstocks. I searched all over for a neck to put on the thing that I liked, but couldn't find a headstock that I felt matched but also had a straight string path. I remembered that my ex-girlfriend had a guitar she bought from Sam Ash years ago, a Carlo Robelli entry-level guitar. It had a les paul double cutaway type body shape, and a 25.5" scale fender-style neck with a headstock that is similar to that found on Brian Moore custom guitars (which I think are cool!) and that it had a pretty straight string path too. I searched all over for this Carlo Robelli after she refused to sell hers to me, and I couldn't find any, and every time one came up it was priced higher than the cost for it new, 10 years ago! Eventually came across one on ebay and scooped it up for $99, took the neck off and swapped it with the Douglas. The remaining body and neck are going to get sold on ebay, hopefully for the $99 I paid for the guitar! First I have to reshape the neck at the joint because the fingerboard sits too high above the body and the strings don't clear the frets. But the Carlo Robelli neck fit onto the Douglas without any problems, and actually played just fine when I first screwed it in and strung it up! I did have to adjust the intonation but only slightly, and lower the action since the new neck is thinner and thus the fingerboard sits closer to the body. I went ahead and did a fret-level on it and now it plays like butter, and the Wilkinson trem works just as well as it did with the old headstock. I also put an epiphone pickup in the bridge position, as I am a big fan of their 650R/700T set. The bridge humbucker that came with the Douglas actually sounds pretty good too, and looks well built. I just wanted to have a guitar to put my epiphone bridge humbucker in, because I like the 700T pickups so much. You can get the pair for $40 new on ebay, and make any $200 guitar sound great without doubling the price of the guitar by paying $100 each for new pups. This guitar sounds great, it has an ash body, and a solid aluminum bridge block, and at $150 new it is a great value for the money, and now that I have a headstock that I like, I couldn't be happier with it. I have it strung with Fender Bullet 10's and tuned to Eb.
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