MT power drumkit 2 Metal test (Freeware plugin)

Discussion in 'Drums & Percussion' started by Jobam-Martins, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Hey guys!
    I started using freeware plugins because I really believe that We can reach a great quality in our homes with it. We just need patience and effort. So I found out this plugin "MT power drumkit 2". I didn't used much stuff in the mixing. Basically EQ and some compressors, but not much.

    As for the amplifier, it's a freeware plugin as well. Amplex, by NaLex. This tone is a simulator of the 5150. I used a TSE 808 to boost it as well.

    Anyway, these are great plugins if You don't have much money to spend or if You're searching for new things to test.

    Thanks for all of You guys creating freeware stuff for the people out there.

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