Matrix GT800fx protective light problem! - help needed

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by LIPCoelhoq, Feb 15, 2014.

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    hello everyone,

    my current rig is the following:
    guitar - jack cable - line6 x3 live pedalboard - jack cable - matrix gt800 - 2 jack cable for bridge position - blackstar 412 cab

    i have had my matrix gt800 for a while, and everything worked fine without a problem. it never left the studio, and it is used once a week with at maximum 75% of volume power. i store it in a box with maximum care and the studio has zero humidity.

    today, at rehearsal, everything was going fine, but after 15 or so minutes, the light corresponding to "protection" got up, and i stopped getting sound from it.
    explanation found on GT800FX: "The amp also features extensive protection circuitry ensuring it is protected from loudspeaker short circuits and miswiring."
    later in the afternoon, some 4hours later, i returned to the studio and the problem persisted.

    any idea what may have happened? i read the manual and tried reading about it on the matrix website and here and i couldn't find anything interesting, and i really want to know if i have to contact tech support or something like that...

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