Marshall SV20H vs SC20H vs 2525H vs DSL20HR...

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    Hey all,

    I've been wanting to do this shootout for quite a while now so I'm super stoked to be sharing this with you guys. I'm a Marshall amp fan and I really love the 20 watt heads. That's why I have 4 of them. I have the following models:

    -SV20H Studio Vintage 1959 SLP
    -SC20H Studio Classic JCM 800
    -2525H Silver Jubilee Studio (limited edition in split vinyl)

    They each do their jobs very well and they are a joy to play through. The SV20H offers that classic Plexi sound and I really like how versatile the amp actually is with the jumper options etc. It took me a little while to nail how to work this amp because dialing in the EQ can be different from other amps, in my experience.

    The SC20H has more bite and a bit more low-end than the SV20H. It really has that Marshall JCM800 bite and grind. With this one I like how you can dial in the thickness and body with the preamp gain and volume control of the guitar. Nice and sparkly overall.

    The 2525H is perhaps a more versatile and differently voiced version of a JCM800. It certainly has more gain than the other 2 and the overall EQ character is unique. The dual channel option and pull rhythm clip add a LOT to the tonal versatility of the amp. I can recommend this one to anyone who wants something that 'does it all'.

    The DSL20HR is more affordable than the other ones and it's also the amp with the most modern, saturated and 'fizzy' (not in a bad way) sound. It has less of that upper-mid push than the others and the amp has more gain and sag overall. I still think it sounds pretty great in the mix! Just different.

    Anyway, here's the comparion. I would love to know your thoughts!


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