LOW TUNED Helix Native Mix Test (GGD Drums)

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Masoo2, May 10, 2018.

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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/12u_Woq6x7SWlBCzRmFITVEC8O0g1Sz_q/view (download for higher quality)

    I've been out of the metal game for a minute and decided to make a quick mix test to sharpen up my fading skills.

    It's a short cover of this (joke) song that I found a few years ago. They claim it's tuned to Drop Bb, but I found B sounded correct and in their second version of the song the tuning is confirmed B

    Ibanez RG8WNF in Drop E pitch shifted to Drop B

    Music Man Stingray 5HH in standard

    Focusrite 2i4

    Helix Native for main guitar/bass tone

    GGD 1.0 samples

    The guitar tone was a pain in the butt. Used the TH3 pitch shifter with the CT Pre as a treble/volume boost and Pro Q2 for a low cut/high shelf just to make the DI slightly reasonable. (pro tip: don't buy a focusrite scarlett, di quality sucks). In Helix Native I used the stock PV Panama preset with a slight tweak on the overdrive. Bass was the Djent Bass preset on the tonecloud with an Archon patch blended in slightly for a guitar-like quality to the tone.

    Any advice one making the kick or snare punch through a bit more? I'm already doing a TON to them but still feel as if they aren't punchy enough. At other times the kick almost makes the mix feel a little too squashed, but I'm also thinking that might be due to the oversaturation of the guitar tone.

    Trying to hone in on my beatdown/downtempo/sludge skills as that's what I'm most interested in writing.

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