Looking to get on the Sevenstring fold again...

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by SnoozyWyrm, Jan 11, 2017.

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    So after selling a Loomis 4 years ago, I am again in a band with sevenstring material. I've stayed with those guys for almost a year now, so I believe it's about time to be able to properly cover what tracks use a seven in them.

    I've been prowling the local used market the last 2 months, and literally everything sevenstring related is overcosted, cheap and "badly" used instruments :wallbash: (there is even a dude selling a washburn for 350€, siting a thread here as reference, where the OP says he bought it for 100$ :rolleyes: ).

    There is just one RG1527z (stock) in players condition going for 480€ right now.

    So I've started checking potential new targets. Thomann is blowing out the SE 247 at 550€, and I was eyeing the Jackson SCX7 as well at 685€.

    I don't really need a trem on a seven (already got 2). I didn't really gel with the Loomis 26,5' scale. The SE needs hardware upgrades iirc, whereas the Jackson ships with nazgul-sentient pus.

    Can I do much better than those 2 in the 600-800€ budget bracket? Am I stupid to miss the used RG1527z?
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    So to start, 480€ for a RG1527z is an amazing deal.

    So yes, if you like Ibanez go for it! The 1527 is such a great series. The only downfall is most people upgrade from stock pups

    Me personally? I kind of fell out of my Ibbys lately(I own a 1527 though!)
    Considering the cost of new pups as well, it goes into the same price bracket as the Jackson.

    The Nazgul/Sentient pups are typically well received too!

    I really think its preference.

    I’m no good at brainstorming anything else for ya at the moment. But if you dig the Jackson, I think its a good move.

    They have the SLATHX-M 3-7. I just wish it didn’t have the 26.5 scale, because I didn’t gel with it either.

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