Looking for BKP Holy Diver (Bridge) Recordings

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by 777, Jan 18, 2021.

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    Jan 14, 2006
    Got a HD + Emerald set on the way for my 1527 and was wondering if anyone has any recordings to satiate my appetite until I get them installed :) There seems to be very little 7 string vids/audio online for these. Kind of makes me scared people think they suck :shrug:

    Going to be using them for John Browne(Monuments, Flux Conduct) and Intervals style stuff.
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    I dont have clips, sorry, doubt the divers on their own are going to suck....

    I do think Browne uses ceramic nailbombs for most of monuments stuff...not sure about flux, but the cbombs are in his sig guitars and a cold sweat neck.

    He also demos a lot of gear using prails....
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    The guys from The Safety Fire were using HD and VHII sets in their guitars and there’s a glut of clips online of these but not sure about anyone using the HD in a 7
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    I have a set of Holy Divers in my RG8. I'm probably one of the only people with this set in an 8 string, lol. I actually only got them because I found the set used here on ss.org for a good price and decided to give them a shot.

    They certainly do not suck! They are quite good actually. My only complaint is that they are not super tight like some other more modern pickups, at least for the 7th and 8th string. I'm used to the D-Sonic in my 6 and 7, which is super tight with a very fast attack. The Holy Divers are a bit looser and fatter, which I attribute to the alnico magnets vs ceramic. They do have good clarity and dynamics with a warmer, more organic feel and tone, at least compared to the D-Sonic.

    To compare these to pickups I have experience with, the bridge is kind of like a Tone Zone with more high end; maybe not quite as loose. Similar to an improved JB (I had a JB-7 in an RG7621, and I like the Holy Diver a bit more, but they are close in tonality and feel). Don't let that scare you if you don't like those pickups though. It actually does hold up better than you might think for low tunings, just not a well as I would like for an 8 string.

    I have a quick iPhone clip with the Holy Divers in my RG8 into an EVH 5150III here:

    Overall, the pickups are versatile, and the bridge and neck balance out very well. I'd say they are great for a Haken like tone, kind of a mix between 80's and modern prog tones. Maybe not the best for ultra tight riffing. I'm curious to replace the magnet with a ceramic one to see if I can get it closer to a Painkiller.
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