Looking for Bass player in Kalamazoo, MI

Discussion in 'Musician Classifieds' started by Reversewahwah, Aug 30, 2006.

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    I have a band that has been on haitus. We area heavy rock/metal trio. We have been performing as The Joint Chiefs. Our bass player is my brother's wife and she will be unable to play for a while. We are unsure, if she intends to return to the band after she has her child. We would like to do some performances since we have been on hiatus. October 2004. We finished a third disc, but have not released it yet. We worked on more material during our hiatus. Our music is actually quite diverse. We use seven string guitars, so we need the extended range of a five string for our bass section. The drummer sings and uses an electronic set and real cymbals. He takes advantage of the sound module to produce live triggered sequenced parts that greatly expand our sound. Original music is our thing. We do not follow others. Our stage setup is unconventinal: side by side. The drummer can be seen well.
    We have an Ampeg rig availabe to use. It is an AMPEG SVT 250T. We modified it to have a compressor in the head that is bi-amped and combined back into the power amp section to give it some super charged oomph!
    We could offer studio time for another project that you may have in exchange for filling in for our bassist. My brother is a top notch sound engineer and editor. He does excellent work mastering and restoring recordings. Sorry, we are not Metallica and cannot offer a cool Million to sign on for our band. We have huge potential that is waiting to be discovered. We are not in a rush. We focus on the material and producing great music. I can send you some sample mp3s, if you are interested. Thanks
    Contact: James R. Powell III

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