LIES OF NAZCA - "Aleph" First Album

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    Hey Guys!

    This is the first album called "Aleph " from my band, LIES OF NAZCA:

    I recorded all the guitars. We recorded all stuff with a MOTU 828 MKII. Reamped, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Hood (ERRA, Sworn In ect.)

    This is the gear list:

    all guitars: LTD MHB-400 w/ BKP Aftermath Set;

    Bass: Warwick Corvette 4 string;

    all vocals: SM7;

    Reamp guitars: Maxon od808, 5150, mesa 4x12 OS cab;

    Reamp bass: Sansamp RBI;

    That is my first serious recording session with a band. What do you think about that? Any suggestion?

    feel free to express yourself =D

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