Learned the Axe fx III intelligent gate scoops bass DI

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by budda, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Maybe this will help someone else on this forum.

    Yesterday I brought my iii, aerodyne and jazzmaster to a buddy's studio to work on getting a couple sounds that work better for recording. I'm not an engineer and don't have those aspirations, but if I can level up my solo material I'll be happy.

    After going through a couple of sounds, he got his radial JDI out, pulled up an eq graph of the JDI signal next to the axe fx signal (DI).

    Because the default input1 gate is intelligent mode, it scoops around 2k with a bass guitar. Switching to classic mode solved this issue, and the JDI EQ matched the Axe fx.

    We tested this with the jazzmaster as well, and for some reason it doesn't happen to a guitar signal.

    I imagine this may happen on the II as well if "intelligent" is the default gate.

    Hopefully this helps anyone else recording bass with fractal gear!

    *We do plan to do this again and save the graph comparison as proof

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