Late NGD: Charvel DK24 2PT

Discussion in 'Standard Guitars' started by chinnybob, Oct 13, 2019.

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    Been after one of these ever since they were announced, but was hesitant because I'm supposed to be saving money for a new place. Anyway long story short my brother wanted to start playing guitar so I took him to a shop and lo and behold they had one of these in blue. Tried it, loved it but didn't buy it because I wasn't sold on the finish. I then had the opportunity to try another at the UK guitar show and after that I gave in and went home and ordered one. Had it for about two weeks now so plenty of time to collect my thoughts on it.

    Rubbish pics first, review second.



    The neck is fantastic. Slimmer than I was expecting but the compound radius means there's enough meat at the lower end to prevent hand cramp when playing bigger chords. The oil finish is lovely and fast too.

    The series/parallel switch. A big reason I wanted one of these was this feature since versatility really is the number one thing I need right now in a guitar. You get a whole host of great sounds here and can get some very convincing strat tones. Speaking of which...

    Pickups. Quite warm and not the highest output (Full Shred is a bit of a misnomer really) which is perfect for me. Maybe not the best if you like drop tuned modern metal but then I feel like this isn't the guitar you'd be looking at for that anyway (side note: didn't Mark Morton have a set of 59's in his signature at one point?). I've never had a set of Seymour Duncans I didn't like and these don't change that. They're really quite transparent so you hear a lot of the guitar and your hands.

    Volume pot. A feature that means very little to me in any practical sense but this no friction thing is a nice touch, makes the tone pot seem sticky.

    The "shredder's cut". Yay. This is very comfy.


    No gig bag. It's a lot of guitar for the money so I don't feel short changed but it would have been nice...

    Tuning stability. This is the big one. Even after a bit of a set up and slapping on a new set of Elixirs it was hard to keep the G and B strings in tune, and seeing as it's a floating trem (more on that later) that sends everything else out of whack. Eagle-eyed viewers of the pics might notice that I replaced the string trees with Graphtech ones which certainly helped. I've also installed a Tremol-no (and not done the best job of it tbh) so that I can block the trem when I'm not using it. Tuning stability is a lot better but still not entirely perfect. The trem can't really handle anything more than mild flutters (fine by me I don't divebomb anymore) but I do like big bends and occasionally still have issues.

    Floating trem. Just not for me personally, and I question the need for it on a guitar like this. Would have been happy with dive-only sitting flush on the body. But hey I've got the Tremol-no on it now.

    Jack placement. For some reason people get hyped about this. I find it mostly annoying, makes sitting in the classical position a little tricker although not impossible. I use a Line 6 relay and it digs into my hip/pelvis when I'm standing (I wear my guitar super high).

    A word on quality control

    A couple of incredibly minor things. Firstly, there is a tiny dent in the fretboard right beside the ninth fret. Presumably some kind of tooling mark, it doesn't affect anything and isn't very noticeable. Second, there are a couple of tiny blemishes in the finish by the bridge and by one of the neck bolts. I didn't notice either of these until yesterday and don't much care.


    This will be my main guitar going forwards for sure. You really do get a lot for the money; if I played it blindfolded I'd assume it cost far above the 1k mark so to come in below that is really something. There's lots of little flourishes which make it seem like a lot of thought has gone into these, like the volume pot, the rolled fretboard edges, and the Luminlays (although these are pretty commonplace now). That said it does feel like corners have understandably been cut to keep the price down. For example tuning was vastly improved by adding the £10 Graphtech string trees, the tuners are locking but not the highest gear ratio and feel a little unresponsive (I'll replace them with my favoured Schallers at some point), and the lack of gig bag is a minor gripe but it would have been a nice touch.

    Final thought: the guy in the shop told me these have been flying off the shelves and I can see why.
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    Congrats man! I picked up a Matte Army Drab earlier this year and it has made playing all of my other guitars a chore, this thing has proven to be an incredibly versatile workhorse while still allowing for lots of ground to be covered. I was a bit bummed when these new colors came out because I REALLY dig this color combo, but honestly think I prefer the HSH and the satin finish moreso.

    A quick thing I wanted to add is that I found that adding some Big Bends Nut Sauce (lol) into the nut slots has improved the tuning stability on mine, especially when using the tremolo. It rarely goes out of tune when I use the tremolo. However I will have to look into those string trees because I never thought to change the stock ones! Happy NGD!
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    Congrats, these are so cool!
    Major win for Charvel in my book, especially if they can up the built-quality a touch more in the future.

    Enjoy it!!!!
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    Dude take your time when installing the tremol-no! Everything needs to be aligned correctly or else it is not gonna function 100%. Also, remove the rubber washers under the fine tuners of it as it makes locking down the trem easier with it, but don't go too tight or else you can strip it.

    Otherwise a beautiful guitar!
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    Super tempted to get one of these, especially since I'm pretty damn happy with San Dimas hardtail.

    Wonder how it compares to the AZ Premiums?
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    Oh hey, HNGD! I just picked up the same model, but the pink one over the weekend. Honestly I have zero tuning issues. It stays in tune rock solid and that's with quite a bit of use on the trem. For how much I paid for it (got it 20% off new) it's well worth it! Charvel is absolutely killing it with these models and I recommend it to anyone looking. The only thing on mine are the frets. They aren't bad by any means, but they are slightly sharp in a couple spots, but that's to be expected with the price tag.

    Also a side note. Anyone looking between this an an Ibanez Premium AZ, I'd go with this any day. More features, WAY comfier neck, deeper roasting, and cheaper.
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    Nov 27, 2011
    Even with the new colors, I think that Army Drab one is still my favorite. I wish it were HH.

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