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    Hey guys, this is my first tread ever here, so I wanted to make it about these pickups. Since 2010 I've been aware of this site, though a friend who's obsessed with Korn, and everything about it. He's the reason I got into seven string guitars. So, couple of months back, I've bought a K7 in a NEW condition, and it's my first 7 string guitar. I LOVE IT, it's super, it's all I've ever read on this forum about it! Killer!
    But I've been for ever a Strat guy, and my first strat was a 1989 Eric Clapton model with Lace sensor pickups. I think they are great passive hum canceling pups and never will I change them. Since I saw this guy here with the Warmoth Strat with HSS SD and EMG in it, I've been obsessed with having a 7 string strat.
    So, I've wondered if is there someone who is using Lace Sensor pickup for 7 string guitar, especially those Alumitone? :scratch:

    I think they are a good company, especially when they worked for Fender, but what about those 7 pups, and does any one have those single coil pups for 7 sting guitar?

    Thank you! :) <3
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    As far as I know, the only models Lace is making for 7 strings are the Humbucker, Deathbucker, X-Bar, and Deathbar, none of which are precisely single-coils. (The X-Bar is P-90-ish, which is close, but it's definitely not a Strat pickup.) If you've seen a Lace 7-string single someplace, can you provide a link?

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