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    Guinea fowl hen and Turkeys

    Knock Knock. I love how the bossy little guinea hen runs up and bumps one in the butt.

    She has been hanging with the turkeys for over a month and quite bossy. She leads the pack
    of about a dozen of them up to the bird feeders to clean up under them. This occurs a few times a day. Great fun watching the interaction between the guineafowl and the turkeys. The larger toms are always putting on their puffy shirts around her trying to impress. Hilarious. This one
    is considered a chocolate guineafowl. They are free range fowl and known for going on walkabouts.
    She probably comes from a farm within a mile or so.
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    this is the best thread I've ever seen on Well done. 10/10.

    That second one is straight creepy.

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