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Discussion in 'Jazz, Acoustic, Classical & Fingerstyle' started by distressed_romeo, Mar 5, 2007.

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    'Walking Bass-lines for Guitar' by Jean-Marc Pillard (Mel Bay).

    I've been working at the 'walking while comping' style recently, and this looks like a really good, systematic approach for developing it. It's all based on bass lines harmonised with two-note diads on top, but it should be relatively straightforward to extend the chordal aspect once I'm more comfortable with it. Of course, it's all written for six string, but I'm going to start adapting it for the seven as soon as possible!:cool:

    Mel Bay has a bit of a bad reputation, but their jazz resources are mostly excellent as far as I've seen.

    I'll post back with progress and observations...
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    sweet man. let me know how this book works for you, i've been thinking of getting myself a copy.
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    Nice book, I just checked it out on Amazon. I'm gonna put it on my long list of instructional books & DVDs to acquire. When I first picked up my 7, I intended to get into a lot of walking bass stuff, so this book will be a good place to start.

    I was traumatized by those beginner Mel Bay books when I first took lessons, but you are correct about their jazz books. Complete Jazz Guitar Method by Mike Christiansen is another good one.

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