Jackson JS22-7 Dinky -- HELP (neck profiles)

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by AgileButt, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    I got some cash to spend and was thinking about buying this guitar used. There's one at a Guitar Center in-state for 120$, but I don't feel like driving 3 hours just to try it out. So I figured I'd post on here, see what people have to say, and if I feel confident about buying it, they'd just ship it to the local Guitar Center.

    I'm not really concerned with the cosmetics/pickups/build-quality as much as I am the neck profile. I currently own a 27" Agile and 25.5" Ibanez for 7-strings, and love them both for different reasons. I've never played a 26.5" guitar before, and I've also never played a Jackson before either.

    Is there anyone on here that has experience with this particular guitar, or any guitar that would have a similar neck profile?? I love the shape/radius or my Agile and Ibanez, as well as my friends LTD. If the JS22's neck is anything like the guitars I just listed, then I'm sure we'd get along just fine. It's just that I have nerve damage in my wrist, so as big as my hands are, I can't play baseball bat-sized necks. Especially for 7-strings.

    Appreciate all the feedback I can get. Thanks!
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    120 bucks?
    call the guitar center and ask if its banged up (aka noticeable dings and scratches).
    If not, just buy it. fuck trying it out.
    If you don't like it, im 99% sure you can resell it without losses.

    Hell, at 120 bucks, buy it and if you don't like it I'LL buy it from you.

    EDIT: ok so to actually answer some of your questions:
    the difference between 26.5 and 17 is almost negligible. Im almost sure you wont even feel it.
    jackson's necks are always win. if you like LTD's im sure you'll find it comfortable
    construction is on par with my ibanez rg7321, good, solid, feels nice.
    hardware is decent as well, tuners are ok. both bridge and tuners are directly replaceable with hipshot stuff tho, so if you like it, in the long run you can swap it out.
    stock pickups are far better than ibanez stock pickups.

    ggwp, buy it.
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    I had both a js22-7 and an banez rga7 for awhile ( I have since sold the rga). I did find the rga7 neck ever so slightly more comfortable but as I said I sold it in the end :p. The Jackson neck is certainly comfortable as well.Thin but slightly more rounded at the very back than the Ibanez, definitely not "baseball bat..ish".

    I personally found the 26.5 scale a great fit (I really think its the best scale length for 7's)

    Since you're already playing a 27 scale that shouldn't be any problem.

    As already mentioned by forkface the hardware is decent, pickups are way better than I expected them to be (although I still upgraded to a set of green dimarzio blaze's), tuners are the standard "not great but get the job done". For $120 go for it you wont be disappointed:agreed:
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    Mar 3, 2012
    (jackson fan) uhhhh..... Go for the Jackson or ltd........

    As for the model. I haven't played it can't help, but Jackson's come on.... Win.


    Sexy, comfy,win.......

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