Jackson JS 22-7 Dinky M

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by Rob33917, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Jun 13, 2017
    I received the Jackson JS 22-7 with the maple fretboard today. My initial thoughts follows:

    Body: Basswood Dinky Model with archtop . A beautiful gloss jet black perfect in every way no issues in the paint

    Neck: one piece maple neck with a scarf joint. Satin finish on the entire neck. Black Piranha inlays on the maple fretboard. Good in hand feel.

    Fretboard: is flawless, but the frets however were very sharp. Took about 10 minutes with a fret file to fix - no biggie.

    From about the 15th fret onward where it meets the body: the frets were yellowish.

    Took a ā€œ0000ā€ steel wool and buffed out the frets another 10 minute of detailing.

    Installed Dunlop 10-56.. upon doing this I used an old trick by taking a pencil and shaving some the pencil lead turning it into powder and dusted the nut generously with the powder. No nut issues, the strings are not sticking in the nut now.

    The nut was cut perfectly.

    The Tuners: imho they are utter junk and will be my first upgrade. All I can say is they not fine and must be something like 12:1 or something because even the slightest of turn with throw your tuming way off :/ I plan on upgrading to some hipshots or sperzels.

    The bridge: nice meaty bridge on this one, looks like a hipshot with thick wrap around sidewalls. No break style saddles. Cheap black paint on the bridge that already flaked offin an inconspicuous spot so hopefully it stands up for a while. May upgrade to a real hipshot if this one starts to rust or something.

    After tuning up I plugged in.

    The pickups: sounded horrible but I noticed they were barely peeking out above the pickup rings.. so I adjusted them to about 5/16ā€ below the strings. Mud Gone.. wolf howling Gone.. now the guitar sounded 100 times better.. these pickups are not muddy at all.. Iā€™m digging these pups..

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  2. Tonal_Blasphemy

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    Jan 30, 2017
    Hell or is it Florida
    Hi! I picked this guitar up last Jan on sale for $160.00. The first one arrived at my home with a dead bridge pickup and a warped neck. I drove into town and returned it to guitar center. They told me the next one would be right. Went ahead and made the order at the store. Guitar arrived absolutely perfect. Action, pups and tuning stability right out of the box.

    The pickups are decent, they have some really nice clean tones. I own two other guitars. One is considerably more expensive. I honestly love the neck and comfort of this $160.00 Jackson; maple neck is a huge +. It sounds and plays better than my 99 LTD MH-300.

    Such a great deal. Glad you're liking yours.
  3. TheUnknownOne

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    Apr 16, 2015
    Do you guys feel this is a worth-upgrading guitar or should I keep my money and invest in a better 7 string for serious playing ?
  4. niecierpek

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    Feb 11, 2019
    You probably already decided... :) but:

    If you're looking for a base to make a guitar according to your preferences then this is a pretty good choice imo. It has really comfortable neck, definitely more comfortable than 7 string Ibanez around this price. I would replace almost all hardware, certainly pickups. Thing that worries me is one-piece neck. A little more expensive JS-32 7 has 3-piece. Theoretically it reduces the risk of warping. Another advantage od JS-32 7 is compound fretboard. Radius 12" to 16". Also check Flame EXG7 - unproduced yet budget guitars by Mayones, I see them sometimes for sale. Before an upgrade think about costs. Weak deal if for a little more you could have Kiesel or Carvin... :D
  5. alessandroarzilli

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    Aug 6, 2016
    San Marino
    I bought this guitar back in 2016 too, still plays nice, though I had to change bridge and pickups.
    Can find detailed tests on my yt channel
  6. wedge_destroyer

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    Mar 6, 2016
    Fort Wasted, Indiana
    I bought one a few years back out of a pawnshop, not a bad guitar but didn't gel with it. Sold it to a buddy he put some Duncan's in it and hipshots on it, and is still rocking it.
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