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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by vibrantgermancities, Jun 15, 2018.

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    I've recently moved to a small apartment where both size and noise-level-tolerance are at a premium. As such I’m looking at moving to a purely digital rig, and rather than invest a lot of money and take up floor/desk space with a permanent modelling setup, I was planning on taking advantage of ny existing iPad Pro and using Bias (or other apps).

    As such, I'm looking at compatible interfaces and was hoping to get some recommendations as to what does and doesn’t work well. In general in terms of requirements I'm thinking:

    • Relatively small footprint (the IK Stomp I/O looks fun, but probably impractical unless it's amazing)
    • At least 2 outputs to go direct to my monitors without any fancy adapters.
    • Lightning connection - plug and play. I’m not interested in camera connection kits or anything complicated. If it charges the iPad even better, the interface is going to be hooked up to the mains at all times.
    • Minimal latency. It’s the latest generation of iPad Pro so I'm hoping the processor does a fair job with the app, but I know the risks.
    • Not cripplingly expensive. Obviously audio interfaces vary a lot, but I'm not looking to drop four figures at this point.
    • Decent sound - again, I recognise I'll be limiting tonal potential by going through an app at low volumes rather than a real amp (your opinion may vary :p) but I'd rather avoid making it worse with poor equipment choices.
    The internet would suggest that the Apogee Duet is the way to go, but clearly it’s a premium piece of kit and would very much be toward the top end of my budget... if anyone has any experience with it or other options then that would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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    I use a Duet with an iPad Air 2 as a mobile songwriting/arranging/recording rig and have no complaints. If you look around, you can find them used in great condition for ~$300-350.

    Also, there are a lot of amp sims for iOS out there these days; check out Tone Stack before making your decision as it seems to be one of the better ones.

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