In person only - Colorado Springs/Denver - currently looking for bass & drums (possibly 2nd guitar)

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Jan 22, 2022
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Colorado Springs
I’m going to be as specific as possible with what I’m looking for. Not looking for remote members for this project. I already have a remote project I’m working on. Posting here because as we all know, Craigslist is pretty much a garbage fire. Colorado Springs or Denver area people only please.

About me/the project:

I’m 35 and have been playing guitar for most of my life but I spent a good time working more towards live sound and production and got out of making music for a bit. Now I’m getting back into it heavily and would like to be more collaborative rather than making music completely solo.

I work a Monday-Friday job, no kids, don’t smoke and not a heavy drinker if at all. I don’t care if you smoke or drink unless you’re bad at either and can’t play music because of it. I’m just looking for responsible people that want to try to get a project going and can focus time and energy on making music while having some fun. I hope to eventually get together twice a week to work on the project. Long term goals are more of a group decision in my mind, but I’d be in for writing, recording, and playing some shows.

The current music is focused around a 7-string guitar tuned to drop A. I’m open to ideas, moving song structure, etc. from any member. I do not have a big ego when it comes to writing or this project so it would be best if you don’t either. I’d like the project to be a collaborative effort open to ideas and not just making some standardized deathcore. So far I have been trying to keep songs between 3-4 minutes and interesting enough to listen to for that time. This isn’t a strict rule I have, just an idea I’ve been keeping in mind while writing solo so far. As of now, I’ve been calling the project Gejst but even that is up for input/change but would like to keep it non-religious and non-political.

What I’m looking for:

Currently, I’d like to start the search for the key elements (Bass & Drums) and eventually a vocalist but that isn’t a top priority right now since there are other things to get down first. I can also see getting another guitarist involved if the songs evolve into heavy dual guitars or to expand writing ideas. If you’re a guitarist on the same page and in the COS area, feel free to reach out.

Please be able to write a cohesive email if you do reach out because if you are just going to send a few links without any context I’m not going to respond. If you’re interested in this project please send a recent video sample of your playing and an audio example to my email: Gejstaudio at Gmail

For drums it would be ideal if you also use or also own an e-kit or triggers just for production simplicity (I don’t want to mic up drum kits) but if you don’t, it’s not a deal breaker. The current drums are programmed samples by me. You do not have to play the exact beats, these are just ideas. Blasts and double bass are always welcomed.

For bass really just be able to tune to drop A and learn the songs. I included a video play through linked below so you can see how a song is played.

If you’re reliable, want to dedicate some time to working on a music project, and like the direction of the three samples below, please reach out and give a bit of background and video/audio samples (not expecting studio-quality samples). If you want to send an email and let me know they all suck that's cool too, it’s your time. If it seems like a good fit we can get something going.
Audio Samples of Songs- these are rough samples not produced mixes (3 total songs currently):

Video playthrough of 1 song:

I use Neural DSP (both live and studio), Guitar Pro for transcription, GGD an Superior Drummer drum samples, Cubase, and a list of plugins for production.
Based in North Colorado Springs but looking for people in both COS & Denver. So if the right people are mixed between the two spots it would be good to be open to traveling a little bit if that is needed.