If you like old school RPG's that don't hold your hand, go play Outward right now

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    Seriously, game is one of the best RPG's I've played in recent memory. No fast travel, no quest markers, no hand holding. It reminds me of Morrowind a LOT, although people also say it reminds them of Risen/Gothic (I haven't played those games so I can't say). What's even better is the studio is composed of only 10 people, so you can tell this game was a labor of love.

    There's a survival system implemented too, but it's done VERY well and the game really tows this line between paying homage to old school RPG's but still incorporating a bit of a modern take on it.

    I highly recommend RPG fans to check it out. It's on steam and both consoles. $40 USD.

    OH, and another thing: it supports two player co-op, EVEN ON SPLIT SCREEN. You can even do split screen on a PC with two monitors if you stack them virtually using nvidia software.

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