Ibanez RG7321 fix

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    Hi, I recently consulted this forum and eventually swapped the pickups in my ibanez s, and it was a succes. So with that experience I wanted to fix my old RG7321. I replaced the switch with a 3-way and replaced all the wires with new ones following this diagram:

    And everything works :hbang:, even the tone knob, which before functioned like a second volume knob.
    But there is a problem. :wallbash:

    There is a loud buzz, which is most prominent when using overdrive. It disappears when i touch the input jack.
    So it is definitely a grounding issue.... but how to fix it?

    My questions are: Are all the grounds on the diagram supposed to go to the same "main" ground, and where should that be located?

    Where should the ground wire from the bridge go?

    I've shielded the thing with aluminum tape, should I connect the main ground to the shielding somehow?

    I hope you guys can help, by the way, the pickups are Air norton 7 (neck) and D-sonic 7 (bridge)

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