Ibanez NAMM 2016


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May 2, 2009
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Ibanez even got it right the first time. They did just that on the old S-Premium with EMGs.


Ok, sans coil tap switch. But point still stands.

Always wanted one of these!


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Jun 18, 2011
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Not true, there were those 27 inch 7-string XL models, although not to many of them were made I guess.


I covered that in my previous reply as well.

Every Ibanez has been 25.5'', except for the RGDs, the XL series, or some signature models. The only way you're getting a baritone Ibanez is if you get an RGD.

For the record, with that quote, I was covering the 7-string range.


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Apr 17, 2015
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QLD, Australia
I gotta say, I think you're wrong/alone on this. The red is the color of mahogany. It looks really good too, as it's how a bunch of luthiers do backs. You get a pretty flame/quilt on top, and then when it's flipped over it its an awesome mahogany with a 3 or 5 piece neck.

Idk about you're tastes/spending but I buy between 1-2 guitars a year, and I won't touch "another black guitar". Especially a superstrat from Ibanez or LTD; as in black they all look the same.

A black back with a blue or silver top like that would look cheap IMO. And they got the ebony fretboard correct so that's what really matters.

yeah its pretty muhc mi opinion in color tastes :wavey:

I know mahogany is naturally red-ish. But I only saying that because Im selling my LTD ec mostly because I couldnt cope with the red back anymore, it looks awful for me. In this guitar it was fine as the color palette of it allowed for that to happen.

But when you have a guitar like the RGA or those S series with Black/grey stain, Grey, White binding, and black hardware, even a ebony board (dark black-ish wood). Im sorry but a red-ish brown do not fit on that color wheel/palette at all

give me the same wood but with a black stain, grey stain, see-trough black. Im not talking about cheap glossy paint. And I know its possible because one of the reasons I want a BTB-33 that its on my local shop is because the back of it the mahogany wings came with a really dark almost black color on it, as opposed to the "red" you normally see online for other stores. Even as using the top stain for the back can work too, if the guitar top has a grey stain, apply that to the back, or if its a dark blue, then do the same for the back too

even as a plain swamp ash (light neutral wood) would fit heaps better than "red"

even worse when its a flat black stain color or a dark blue stain like they have done for other models too. That red stands out waaay too much. It does kills the vibe of the guitar. Does not fit.