Ibanez 7321 Black 7 String STOLEN!!!


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Sep 16, 2006
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Someone may have posted this before, but I thought this is as good as place as any to post this so apologies if this is a duplicate post...

Ibanez 7321 Black 7 String, No trem or locking nuts and a Gator hard case were stolen from the Old Bell Venue in Derby, UK on Sunday 27th February 2011.

There is a picture of the guy who walked out at 10.50pm from footage of the gig whilst we were on stage. The case belongs to Mike of Lordaeron and the guitar belongs to Mike of Cancerous Womb. There is cctv footage of this from the venue which the police are looking over now.

The guy is roughly 6'2'', short black hair, medium build and possibly lives in Derby/Notts. So far we think he is an associate of the band 'Frozen Affliction'. If anyone from this band can come forward and help, it would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone has any info please contact the band LORDAERON or CANCEROUS WOMB or alternatively contact Derby Police on 03451233333 and quote case number CR10625-11. Thanks for your help.

There is a FACEBOOK page posted by the bands in question. the link is Someone local to... | Facebook

Any info greatly appreicated