How can I find out if new pickups will fit in my guitar? (Fanned frets)

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by Larcher, Jul 19, 2016.

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    Hey guys, I just got a new 8 string FF - I don't like the pick ups. I'd like to change them to these:



    I sent Jeff Kiesel a message asking him if it would fit in my fanned fret guitar and he replied "It all depends on that manufactures pickup routes and parallel fret location"

    so I asked the manufacturer of the guitar (Legator) and they said no they won't fit because "you need to get SLANTED PU for Fanned fret., PU and it's poles are aligned to stay close to slanted strings"

    I'm no expert when it comes to how the guitar works and all of that so I'm hoping to get some more opinions from you guys. Cheers
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    so the ideal situation is for your pickup's pole pieces to line up right under the corresponding string. This is why companies make f-spaced or trem spaced pickups in order to accommodate a wider string spacing.

    In the case of your fanned fret guitar, the pickup routes are slanted at an angle. This means your pickup's pole pieces wont line up on a normal non-slant pickup. You can do like I did with my Dean rc7 and just line up one set of pole pieces which works alright, you can split the difference in your pole pieces, or you can modify your pickups to match the slant.

    There was a thread on here not too long ago (maybe 4 months or so ) where the guy took apart a regular dimarzio pickup, measured the offset of the coils and then took plastic bass pickup covers and used those as a new shell for the pickup. Turned out really well by the looks of it.

    SO a short answer is yes they will work, long answer is yes they will technically work fine but your pole pieces wont line up right. That is fine because the magnetic field of the pickup extends beyond the actual pickup or pole pieces.

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