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    Hi! Glad to join sevenstring, it seems like a really nice place with like discussions on everything you as a musician or metal-music-fan might want to talk about, but can't talk about with anyone on the street. So I'm really glad to join this community! I've actually been a member for a really long time, but I haven't been using it, and I totally forgot about it. I've been playing since I was, like, 15? I think. I'm into a lot of different stuff really, but I have a huge heart for a lot of types of prog metal (both old-fashioned like DT, symphony x and newer more kind of djenty - and also the post-sound that seems to come up lately, with Alcest, Sylvaine and such). But basically, I love all music, that I can really feel resonate with my feelings - I think that is one of the things I really enjoy about a lot of metal, that you have a palette of almost all the emotions - and in all degrees. I especially enjoy melancholia, and also music where there is a developing story - this is where I think music is such a meaningful platform, which comes to life through putting your feelings into a shape that is meaningful to other people who might relate - feelings that, put into words, don't become that beautiful necessarily. So I love bands who are expressive, like Leprous for instance. I also really enjoy the new Periphery stuff, it's very expressive. I've been playing in a melodic hard-rock/emotionally driven band called forever still for like a couple of years, where I got to tour the UK and europe, and then I stopped in the band to study psychology, which didn't work with touring. Since then, I've played around in a couple of bands as a live-guitarist, but I haven't really found MY band yet. I'm writing some music myself, though, which I really enjoy, and maybe one day that could become a live band too - I hope. But really, I just love the process, which I think can be super therapeutic, hence the putting feelings into sound-thing that I talked about... :)

    Wow - that was long. Don't hope you read everything, unless you really felt like it haha. It seems like I'm living up to what some peuple call the guitarist-phenomena, being somewhat self-centered. :'D Or maybe I just talk a lot. Either way I'm hoping to meet some nice people inhere, and maybe someone who would like to collaborate at some point, since I am so hoping to work with a singer on some of my stuff (which honestly is why I returned.. to be blunt). But it seems nice here, so I'm glad I did return! Talk to you all out there! :D
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    I also like these styles of music. Do you have any samples of what you sound like? I've done a few different collaborations on here, and they were a lot of fun. There are a lot of very talented musicians here.
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    ... perto de onde a terra acaba e o mar come├ža...
    Hey there fellow European. Here's a welcome from south-west Europe: BEM VINDO!

    I'm going to be honest, I didn't read all your presentation because I'm tired AF, slippy and barely managing to keep my eyes open...

    I'm into prog and instrumental rock/metal also... my reasons are that I'm growing pretty sensitive to human voices in rock and there's so many words there that no one reads, cares, follows or understand that it only makes sense in going instrumental, to me that is.

    May this forum serves you well in your music quest.

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