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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by Bg999, Jul 26, 2021.

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    Any love for Headrush nowadays? Mine is serving me well!

    I have to agree with trem licking. In my amateur opinion, I think most if not anything with IR loading will be good for your use whether it's a physical hard or software.

    I am a huge Boss fan and had a few GT models, but the GT-1000CORE didn't make it for me. It has limited IR capacity to load. But I get it, how much does one need anyway! For me, at its price point, I expect more.
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    Jun 22, 2017
    I realize how poorly I answered your question lol.

    The FM3 can send MIDI commands. There are no relay jacks to switch an amp with no MIDI, so you’d need something like the Suhr Micro MIDI Control. I’ve done exactly that and it works well.

    If you wanted to use the FM3 with a 6505, and wanted to use the 6505’s crunch and lead channels but wanted to use a clean model from the FM3 you could set that up.

    If I was doing that, I’d use the FM3, Suhr Micro MIDI, and a Mosky Dual Switch ($25 from Amazon; coincidentally I have all of those and a 6505). I’d setup the FM3 and 6505 in 4CM and connect the Micro MIDI and Dual Switch. I’d build two presets, one with using the 6505 tones, and one using the clean model. I’d have one of the switches on the Dual Switch toggle between those two presets. I’d have the other switch on the Dual toggle between the crunch and lead channels on the amp (sending MIDI through the Micro MIDI).

    I’d use the FM3 in Scene mode and use its 3 buttons to select 3 or more scenes which allows you to select various effects on/off states (among other things). Would really be a pretty cool setup.
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    I've read zero of this thread but fwiw, the Bias Head I had was great value for what they sell for these days.

    No onboard effects besides verb (that's all I use anyway), but it feels and acts like a real head in terms of tweakability on the fly, access to a lot of preset amps from the front panel but also had native wireless iPad app support that more expensive models are only just getting caught up with. Still sounds good too and I think I sold mine for $400ish. Could match it up with a Mooer Black Truck and still come in under $600.
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    I've had mine for about 3 weeks now. To this point, I've liked the tones I got out of the Headrush so far. I, now, have to learn how to get clean and dirty tones out of the same rig.
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    Oh shit, the Kyles are here
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    I would not worry a bit about maintenance. I’ve owned tons of modeling gear and unless you abuse stuff it is pretty much zero maintenance.

    I’d go Fractal if I had to pick only one.
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    If i were to start over and have about 500 to blow on something, i'd definitely try out the mooer stuff. Something about just having a full rig on a tiny board is awesome, not to mention demo i've heard from each pedal sounds amazing.

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